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People to call back ? Get iReDial

Annoyed at having people to call back ?
Get iReDial: ease your life !
  • Plan multiple calls at any date and time
  • Access to your phone contacts
  • List of Recent Calls
  • List of Planned Calls
  • List of Favorites
Available for iPhone, iPad

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iReDial:your new professional secretary.
Annoyed at having to keep track of people to call back?
Looking for a secretary to remind you about the important calls to do ?
Looking for a calls scheduler to remind you at the proper date and time ?

Get iReDial and make your life easier.

After all, the iPhone is still a telephone: remember ?

With iReDial all you need to do is type the phone number and set when you want to call it.

NOTE: iReDial is NOT an automatic dialer. It simply notifies you of the phone calls you decided to postpone. At the notification, you shall confirm to call

iReDial main features include:
  • access to your iPhone contacts
  • programmable call delay from 1 minute to whatever time you wish
  • select planned calls for Tomorrow, Tomorrow evening, Weekend, the Next week and any other date and time
  • all default times for Tomorrow, Tomorrow evening, in the Weekend, the Next week, are user selectable
  • favorite contacts list
  • recent calls list
  • planned calls list
  • keypad available
  • notifications also when the iPhone is in standby
  • vibration function
  • Split View and Slide Over multitasking mode supported in devices where available
The free version is installed with 10 free dials tokens.
A token is consumed at the time a call is answered.
In the app you can purchase more tokens or the Premium version that removes any need for getting tokens to call. Ever.