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Your sources-costs forecast budget

With CashflowPlan you may enter and edit your financial transactions over the year thus building your budget and evaluate your forecast.
  • Dual views for year and months
  • Charts for year and month
  • Toggle account visibility with a single tap
  • Easy transaction edit form
  • Accounts editing for name, color and position
  • Archive facilities to save and retrieve years and accounts
Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac

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+ What is CashflowPlan
CashflowPlan is an archive of financial transactions where you can create and manage a sources-costs budget with detailed views and charts.
+ CashflowPlan is universal
You can use CashflowPlan on your iPhone, iPad and Mac. CashflowPlan uses your Apple Id to automatically synchronize your budgets and any purchase on all your devices.
+ First start of CashflowPlan
At startup, CashflowPlan shows you some slides for a general overview of the app.
+ CashflowPlan first setup
Just out of the slides the names of your accounts are sufficient for setup: up to four. You can choose name, color and order. Press the button with three stripes (Menu button) which has various choices including 'Settings', the icon with the gears, where you find:
  • Accounts: for names and their order
  • Accounts color: for the color
  • Years Archive: archive management menu to save the years as you use CashflowPlan and be able to reload them from the archive. You can also later edit and reorder the accounts.
+ Build your first budget
CashflowPlan has two main views:
  • Year view
  • Month view
CashflowPlan, just downloaded, presents the current year at zero, with all twelve months each containing only one transaction, pre-set, with the initial balance at zero. Select the view of the month you are currently in: you can start adding transactions to the accounts that interest you there. For each transaction you have a description and a date for which you enter movements on the accounts such as uses/costs (-) or sources/revenues (+): transactions already executed can be marked as 'Done'. Those foreseen as budget will leave them unmarked. By doing so, in the month view, you will have an eye on what has already happened and what you foresee that will happen and when, in the near future. For the first transaction, for example, enter the description 'Initial balance' and the balance on that date of your accounts. By continuing to enter transactions, in each month, you will build your sources-costs budget.
+ Selection of visible accounts
In the year view you find five buttons with colored icons: the first four for each account. If they are marked the account is visible, hidden otherwise. The fifth icon allows you to choose the view, for all visible accounts:
  • separate
  • summary
All very immediate with a single tap or click.
+ More details for editing transactions
The opening of a transaction editing form takes place on all devices simply with a tap or click on the transaction row. To delete a transaction just swipe the row left on iPhone/iPad, or use the swipe of your finger on the Apple Magic Mouse on the Mac. In the transaction editing form there are also two 'Repeat' checkboxes that you can mark active before confirming the transaction: a 'Weekly' checkbox and a 'Monthly' checkbox. These allow you to fill the whole year with periodic sources (incomes) or uses (costs). Another very useful checkbox is the 'Active' checkbox: it is used to answer the question 'What if?'. If the checkbox is not checked, the transaction is inactive and will appear greyed out in the month: you can thus see the effect that the inactive transaction has and the future consequences. Just check the 'Active' check box again to reactivate the transaction. A context menu is also provided for transactions: on the iPhone and iPad, keep the transaction pressed for a few seconds. On Mac, use the right mouse button on the transaction, or use the keyboard [ctrl] key with a mouse click. From the menu that opens you can select the editing form or copy/cut/paste the transaction, or delete it.
+ Charts
At any time you can view a chart that shows you the trend of the accounts both for the whole year and for each month. Accounts are tracked using their colors.
+ CashflowPlan is freemium
App evaluation is free for a 30-days trial period beginning when you enter your first transaction. In the app you find in-app purchases for the premium version without time limits or limited time subscriptions.